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Benefits of Corn for Skin and Hair

People familiar with corn as food, be it corn on the cob or used as a tasty snack. But you need to know if corn also has benefits for hair and skin beauty. Corn menganding vitamin C, thiamin, niacin, minerals, and antioxidants that are able to maintain healthy skin. Corn mempu helps produce collagen for rabut remain smooth and healthy.

Here are the benefits of corn for skin and hair

1. Keeping the skin to remain healthy. The content of beta koraten able to form vitamin A. It is important to maintain healthy hair. In addition to the existing content of the corn, you can also use corn oil to be applied as a source of linoleic acid that can moisturize the skin.

2. Overcome skin irritation. Corn starch is commonly used as an ingredient in the production of cosmetics, but the corn starch are also able to cope with skin rash and irritation.

3. Keeping hair healthy. In addition to the skin, you also can apply corn oil for hair. It is believed to be able to make hair smooth and soft. Corn oil contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 to prevent skin dry Keala. How to use it take a bit of corn oil is then massaged on the head up to 15 minutes. After the wash using shampoo.

4. Prevent hair loss and dry. Corn oil is a combination of fatty acids and vitamin E which is good. If you want to make hair dry and then apply on damp hair follicles.

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How To Maintain Eye Health For Computer Users

Nowadays many people forget the time when people are already in front of the computer. But things are not dairy they realize when it is too long at the computer is not good for one's health condition. One is the health of the eye, how not? This is because the nerves of the eyes are forced to always work Tanoa break to look at the laptop continuously. That is why not a little more of them must have experienced pain in the eye. Well of course you do not aspires to the same fate as their right? Here we will present how to maintain eye health bag computer users. The explanation is as follows!

How To Maintain Eye Health For Computer Users

Regular breaks
If your work leads to always be in front of a computer, then you can olakukan to avoid interfering with the eyes is to do regular breaks. The way is to divert eyes from the computer screen gradually and regularly.

Keeping distance eye with computer
In order to maintain eye health is maintained although often in front of the laptop, the next step is to set the distance of the eyes with the computer

Doing Pelindumgan eyes of the protection of the intention is to eat lots of healthy food for the eyes. Such as food containing vitamin A for example almonds, salmon and carrot.

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Slimming drug danger for Health

If the previous articles we have discussed regarding the improvement body medicine. We will turn to the dangers of slimming drugs to health. Body slimming drugs have a very high interest in such degan improvement body medicine. This is because a person other than the wish to have a high body also wants proportional ideal body shape. For them to have an ideal body shape will make an appearance to be very appealing. Khsuusnya in this case is for the women, they much prefer instant ways such as using drugs that are useful to help you lose weight. You need to know not only the improvement body medicine who have side effects, but also has a slimming drug agencies danger. Want to know the dangers of slimming drugs for health? Here's the explanation!

Danger experienced by the first slimming drug use you are going to experience insomnia. This condition is caused by the body undergoes a change in the body's metabolic system. So the body will feel more tired due to the insomnia.

Hypertension or high blood pressure can also be caused due to the use of slimming drugs. Hypertension usually more experienced by teenagers who often want to lose weight by using slimming drugs.

 Fast Heartbeats
As a result, lead to faster heart rate. If this happens continuously it will cause harm to the health of the heart.

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Rabu, 14 Oktober 2015

Most Popular Korean Food

In addition to cultural and K-pop, Korea also has a famous traditional foods to the world. This is evident from the many restaurants and cafes serving food from Korea. Are you a fan of Korea? For fans of Korea, the typical food of the country ginseng is highly preferred. There are some of the most popular Korean typical foods that you need to try.

1. Kimchi. It is obligatory for the people of the Korean food. Nowadays, kimchi is found in several countries in the world such as Indonesia. The food is made from fermented vegetables with seasoning preparations of Korea. Spices used are gochujang and chili powder. The side dish that has many nutrients such as vitamin B, oxygen, and antiokasidan

2. Bulgogi. One Korean cuisine yng match the tongue of Indonesia is Bulgogi. Food iniberbahan basic beef mixed with soy sauce, sugar, sesame seeds, and other materials. Bulgogi is perfect enjoyed with warm rice.

3. Bimbimbap. The main ingredient used to make bimbimbap is rice. To make the passage blended using vegetable, fish, dagung, eggs, and seaweed. You can pour the sauce gochujang when going to eat it.

4. pajeon. Pajeon almost similar to an omelet in Indonesia. The material is the same, saitu leek egg, and a little water. But in Korea sometimes prefer coupled with seafood. This is a popular snack in Korea.

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Selasa, 13 Oktober 2015

Top Culinary In Ambon

Every region in Indonesia has a typical food each. East to Indonesia itself, the staple food is different from other parts of Indonesia. East Indonesian people generally consume corn as staple maknan. However, although the staple food made from sago, there are some typical food from Ambon most popular.

1. Fish sauce yellow. This food is a typical dish in Maluku. But food is also available in Ambon and of adjacent areas. As with color, these meals are served with orange color comes from turmeric. Initially the fish is cooked using basil leaves cicampur with herbs and spices. Cooked fish is a fish species can also use a barracuda or freshwater fish.

2. Papeda. Culinary that one is very popular in Ambon / This is a kind of food made from sago porridge. If you pay a visit to Maluku then it is very easy to find these foods. Papeda have the white and sticky as well as glue. Usually Ambonese enjoy fish papeda with yellow spice because it has a strong seasoning.

3. bagea. Adaah bagea next meal. These foods tend to be round and hard. Begea also a typical tradisiona food Maluku. Many tourists who visited Ambon make cakes bagea as souvenirs. This cake is made from corn, canary seed and mixed spice powder such as cinnamon and cloves.

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Senin, 12 Oktober 2015

Most unique city and Strange World

Have you previously listened associated with the most unique and strangest city in the World. Cities in each country certainly has differences depending on demographic and economic conditions of the country. For more details you can perhatiakn review following the review of the most unique and strange city in the world. Here's the explanation!

Strangest and most unique city in the World

1. Cities with Population Lots
A city that has a lot of people this is the city of Tokyo in Japan. For the population of the capital city of the samurai reached lebi of 33 million inhabitants. This condition is really very terrible and very unique tentunmya. For the second rank is New York United States.

2. Widest City
The largest city located in the town of Mount Isa, in western lautAutralia. For a city widely Mount is nearly 41 thousand km2 to 189 km2 with all roads km. Therefore, in addition to the town is known as the largest city as well as a city which has the longest highway in the world.

3. The smallest town
After mebahas largest city, following lists different types smallest town located in the town Hum, Croatia with a population of just 23 people. So do not be surprised if the city Hum is known as the smallest town in the world.

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Seeing Swimming Pool Terjorok in China

Currently swim is one option when the holiday period. With fun to swim in addition can also provide good benefits to health. Although it is swimming can give good impact to the health of body or mind. In contrast to the swimming pool in China following terjorok!

Here's Swimming Pool Terjorok in China

The number of Chinese people are very happy with the swim because in addition to fun also make the body become fit again. However, due to lack of pool facilities that exist in China a lot of them come to Dead Sea of China. Now the swimming pool which has an area of 30 thousand meters measure looks like a bowl of soup containing vegetables man.

In addition to China's Dead Sea that can accommodate hundreds of visitors in a day. Some pools exist in China has now become the target visitors. But with the situation as it was a beautiful swimming pool has now become a very squalid pools that exist in China. People who berkumpull in the pool is much terjangkin various diseases caused by bacteria from urine or urine, feces, sweat, and much more. Although the Chinese government to provide education on the matter, still Chinese people come to the swimming pool to satisfy their desire to swim.

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The Cancer Symptoms Women Should Not Ignored

Early detection of cancer is a very good effort to do each person. Akarena see cancer is one disease that is very dangerous and deadly. With the efforts of early detection of cancer can improve the chances of recovery. But unfortunately for every woman more likely to ignore symptoms of harm in the body. So if it is on leave granted, will create an opportunity to recover the more minimal. Well if you want to avoid the risk of cancer. Then simply you notice the following review!

Cancer Symptoms Women Should Not Ignore

Experiencing Weight Loss

Usually when the body becomes penuruanan unstable, can the possibility of a person's body in the middle of the cancer disease eats away at the body. With the mark appetite suddenly menjdai not normal to experience weight loss. So therefore, immediately to consult a physician to ascertain the truth.

Difficulty Swallowing

These symptoms are also associated with symptoms of the first, when a lazy person can eat because of difficulty swallowing. In this case swallowing difficulties are also included in the symptoms of cancer.

There are lumps

If you find a lump in your body, then you should be careful and need to be vigilant. Because the lump is a sign that there is a dangerous disease lodged in your body such as tumors, cysts and cancer.

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How to Take Care of Collection Action Figurea

This action figure is now becoming a trend among the collectors of these toys. Do Tones also include action figure toy collector? Indeed, many people who collect toys this one. Because these toys seleain unique and funny can also be a warehouse investment. The reason for this toy like the longer will be reduced in number and if sold would harhanya will grow exponentially. Waja only and is comparable with a bunch of expenses. Being a collector of action figures should be required relatively large budget. Therefore if you decide to become koletor this toy must prepare a budget that much and know how to take care of him. If not treated properly will cause rapid deterioration mainann your collection and it's very Sanyang all. Well in order to avoid it happens then you have to take good care. Here we will explain how to care for the collection of action figures. The explanation as berikit:

How to Take Care Collection Action Figure
Always clean the periodic collection of action figures.
Avoid direct light terkenan
Distanced from the dangers that can merudak kolesksi you.
Keeping humidity
Choose a safe storage contacts

So and this time hopefully with explanations can memmbantu you in caring for your action figure collection.a

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Inspiration Spa Refreshing Body

Everyone would like to have a healthy body and fresh. Most of them went to the salon to do comprehensive care. However the cost of expensive salon treatments constraint someone. Actually there are many ways to make the body more fresh mrmbuat and maintained without any cost.

Here inspiration Spa you can try to keep the body fresh.

1. Hair. After doing activities throughout the week, especially frequently exposed to sunlight will make the hair and scalp quickly broken. To prevent this, you can create a natural hair mask. Hair mask is very useful to nourish the body. Materials that can be used are banana, teur, and olive oil. And if you have dandruff, you can use alpukatuntuk mesker mayonnaise and hair.

2. Face. Perform facial treatments can also be done alone with natural ingredients. You can use lemon, papaya, milk, honey and oatmeal. You can also make a natural facial scrub with coffee amaps.

3. Body. Dull skin usually caused by dead skin cells. To help remove dead skin cells, you can use your natural ingredients such as coffee and milk powder. Massage to make the skin more comfortable and soft.

4. Foot. Using sandals or open sepata slightly more interesting. However, if the condition is often exposed to the sun it will make our feet stripes. To prevent this you can use cucumber to keep the skin moist feet.

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Fakta Menarik Kate Middleton yang Jarang Orang Ketahui

Putri Kerajaan Inggris ini hampir selalu menjadi sorotan publik. Dari ujung rambut hingga kaki menjadi inspirasi bai banyak wanita di dunia. Tidak sedikit masyarakat dunia, khususnya Inggris mengindolakan Kata Middleton.

Dari segala kegiatan yang mendapat sorotan publik ternyata ada beberapa fakta menarik yang jarang orang ketahui. Berikut ulasannya.

1. Saat masih gadis Kate pernah berperan menjadi gadis yang dirayu pangeran tampan. Saat duduk dibangku sekolah, Kate berperan sebagai wanita cantik yang ditaksir oeleh pria tampan dalam pertunjukan akhir sekolah. Uniknya dalam pementasan tersebut pria yang merayunya adalah seorang laki-laki berambut porang yang bernama Wiliam.

2. Kate pernah memiliki rekor lompat jauh dan lompat tinggii tingkat SMA. Pada saat bangku SMA Kate memiliki rekor terbaik dalam olahraga lompat tinggi dan lompat jauh. Bahkan saat itu ia juga mengalahkan rekon teman prianya.

3. Kate merupaka istri kerajaan inggris pertama yang memiliki gelar sarjana. Saat dibangku kuliah, Kate beracaran dengan pangeran William dan kemudian menikah. Kate Middleton merupkan istri putera kerajaan Inggris yang bergelar sarjana.

4. Menraik perhatian pangeran William karena tampil dalam fashion show dengan busana tembus pandang. Saat kulia, Kate tampil di acara fashion show dengan busana tembus pandang. Seketika itu pangeran william yang ikut menyaksikan fashion show langsung terkesima dan jatuh hati dengan Kate.

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Benefits of Playing Roller Skating for Health

Skates is a sport that is currently becoming tredn in modern society. Because the skate will look cool and very pleasant. But playing sepetu wheel is not easy as we banyangakan. Because dibutuhakan balance good feet and always concentration. But if we do not close kemungknan always practice will improve your ability to bermani skates. Well bertung once for those who currently own skills to skate. Due to skate you will get a lot of benefits for your health dianratanya following! \

Benefits of Playing Roller Skating for Health

Helps to Burn calories

Sepetu wheel play has many benefits including function to help burn calories in your body. This is because in bermaain skates in butuhakan coordination between the legs and the body which can help drain or burn calories in the body.

Improve Motor Nerves

Motor nerve is the nerve that relate directly to the body which causes the muscles to contract, especially in the lower body.

Performance Helps Organ

Berman skates is a sport very nature beaikd help the performance of organs well. One of them can improve the performance of the heart becomes better, then you will be protected from heart disease.

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Octa Core Android Smartphone Price 2 Million

The development of models of smartphones is indeed very fast, ranging from upscale smartphones as well as for beginners. This is because competition between vendors who do not want to compete with each other. In today's competition was indeed very tight which should be able to provide excellence one of the processor, but the price is cheap. Because, in principle, the better the processor is used, then the better it looks. Well for those of you who menginginlan smartphone with octa-core processor with a low price. Here we will explain about the octa-core Android smartphone price of 2 million that might be a good recommendation for you.

Here's Some Octa Core Android Smartphone price of 2 million

Infinix Zero 2

There is now a smartphone that was recently launched in Indonesia in the middle of the dibandroli at a price of 2.499 million, - carrying the Octa-core processor. Not only that this smartphone has a large 3 GB RAM.

Lenovo A7000

Smartphones are Berbandrol the price of 2 million next Lenovo A7000. This Smartphone at a price of 2,200,000 bandrol equipped kitchen octa core and 2 GB RAM. In addition, the smartphone is equipped with 8 GB of external memor.

Well that type of smartphone that has a price of 2 million that might be a good recommendation for you. There was also the Huawei Honor 4C and Meizu M2 Note.

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Waterfall in Bandung

As well as the many musicians and artists, Bandung is also famous for its natural attractions of interest. Such as craters, lakes, and other natural scenery. The most popular natural attractions are waterfalls, or in the language of Bandung called Curug. Here are the most beautiful waterfall in Bandung.

1. Curug malela. This waterfall is located in the village of Cicadas, sub cavity, West Bandung regency. This waterfall offers a beautiful view. Many consider this waterfall like Niagara Falls mini.

2. Curug Dago. It is a waterfall not far from downtown Bandung. Located at Jalan Ir. H Juanda or popularly called Dago street. Curug Dago has a beautiful community bagu terseniri Bandung.

3. Curug Maribaya. This waterfall is a favorite place for the people of Bandung. There is also a hot water bath which can spoil the visitor. Location This waterfall is located in Maribaya, Lembang.

4. Curug bride. Waterfall reaches a height of 50 meters and is located at 1050 meters above sea level ketingggina. What's interesting is the fall of water waterfall bride will look like crystals when exposed to sunlight. Waterfall named after the bride is said in early tempay never a bride and groom who bunurh themselves.

5. Curug Jompong. This waterfall is located on the road Balekasep, Soreang has a beautiful panorama and have the cool air.

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Tempat Ngopi Asyik di Bandung

Ngopi merupakan hal yang dianggap wajib oleh para eksklusif muda di perkotaan, bahkan saat ini telah menjalar pada anak muda. Kebiasaan ngopi di kafe membuat banyak tempat nongkrong dengan suguhan kopi paling banyak. Selain itu banyak varian kopi yang diolah dengan bahan seperti green tea dan es krim.

Di kota bandung, banyak sekali dijumpai tempat ngopi. Kebanyakan tidak hanya menyuguhkan kopi denganrasa berkelas, namun suasana tempat juga nyaman untuk dikunjungi. Berikut adalah tempat ngopi di Bandung paling asyik.

1. Kopi Progo. Tempat ini berlokasi di pusat kuliner Bandung yaitu di jalan Progo. Kopi progo menyuguhkan kopi asli Indonesia dengan olahan dan disuguhkan dengan menarik.

2. Noahs Barn. Tempat ini didesain dengan gaya modern. Lokasinya berada di jalan Garuda dan menjadi tempat favorit di Bandung. Istilah magic adalah teknik yang digunakan oleh Barista di sini.

3. Two Cent. Ini merupakan tempat ngopi yang memiliki lokasi yang strategis. Berada di jalan Cimanuk, kafe ini tidak pernah sepi pengunjung. Saat memasuki tempat ini Anda akan disambut aroma kopi yang harum.

4. Ngopi Doeloe. Kafe ini memiliki cabang dimana-mana yang menyuguhkan kopi dengan cita rasa menggoda. Harga yang dibandrol tempat ini juga cenderung murah. Tempat ini berlokasi di jalan Burangrang, jalan Hasannudin, Jalan Teuku Umar, dan Jalan Setiabudi.

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Reasons Why Men Love Sports

Sport is favored by most men. There are a variety of sports most favored men, such as football, indoor soccer, basketball, and others. They are willing to spend hours and hours to the sport. Brikut is impermeable reason men love sports.

1. Encouragement testoren hormone. According to prof. Lucy L. Brown of the neurology department Einstein College of Medcine stated that the hormone is able to make them into something more aggressive like. This is seen as a sports game, a hormone testoren help men prefer sport.

2. As a means of socialization. In addition to its hormonal, social male was also formed to be more like a sport. As a child in general, boys tend to like to play ball. Then, as an adult many sports imposed by the environment of friendship to be done. The boy who has the ability in the world olehraga will be more appreciated by his friends. In addition, olahrag also as a moment to gather with family, community, or others to be more familiar.

3. The prestige and competitive feelings. Men sometimes have an ego and high prestige among others. When exercising banayk men always want to look more than friends. as well as when a spectator. A man has a sense of pride and pitted mutual knowledge of the sport. This is never an instantly make him be more like a sport.

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Manfaat Masker Alpukat untuk Wajah dan Rambut

Hampir setiap orang menginginkan wajah yang sehat, cerah dan bebas dari jerawat serta menginginkan rambut yang sehat, terhindar dari ketombe. Maka jangan heran jika banyak orang yang rela mengeluarkan budget yang lebih untuk merawat keduanya. Selain melakukan perawatan seperti facial dan penggunaan krim lainnya.

Anda bisa menggunakan masker alami untuk merawat wajah dan juga rambut. Salah satu buah yang bisa Anda manfaatkan untuk merawat keduanya adalah dengan menggunakan masker alpukat. Kandungan vitamin E pada alpukat sangat baik untk menjaga kesehatan kulit serta rambut. Lalu apa saja manfaatnya? Berikut ulasannya.

· Sebagai antioksidan yang baik

· Melembabkan kulit wajah dan rambut secara alami

· Mengatasi wajah berminyak pada wajah

· Mencerahkan serta menghaluskan kulit wajah

· Memperbaiki batang rambut yang rusak

· Mengatasi rambut rontok.

Lalu bagaimana cara memanfaatkan masker alpukat agar bekerja maksimal? Begini caranya

Pisahkan biji alpukat dari buahnya dan ambil daging buahnya. Setelah itu blender buah alpukat hingga halus. Selain diblender Anda bisa menghaluskannya dengan menggunakan sendok. Setelah itu, tambahkan dengan beberapa tetes minyak alami seperti minyak zaitun, minyak kelapa, minyak almon ataupun madu. setelah itu oleskan pada wajah ataupun rambut hingga merata. Diamkan beberapa menit lalu bilas dengan menggunakan air hingga bersih.

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Tempat wisata jogja yang populer

Salah satu destinasi wisata di pullau jawa adalah kota jogjakarta. Kota ini dikenal sebagai kota pelajar dan kota budaya. Daerah istimewa yogyakarta adalah salah satu kota yang masih menerapkan sistem kerajaan di Indonesia. Yang menarik dari kota ini adalah penduduknya yang sangat ramah dan berbagai macam kuliner serta tempat tujuan wisata yang menarik. Adat jawa masih terasa kental di kota jogjakarta. Dan jika anda ingin mengunjungi kota menawan ini pertimbangkan untuk mengunjungi candi prambanan, keraton yogyakarta, malioboro, pantai parangtritis, dan wisata alam gunung merapi


Menanam Bunga Mawar di Dalam Pot

Bunga mawar merupakan bunga tradisional yang indah dengan bau harum yang semerbak. Bunga mawar menjadi bunga yang banyak ditanam oleh masyarakat Indonesia. Namun di dalam menanamnya Anda perlu berhati-hati, mengingat bunga ini memiliki duri. Untuk menanam bunga mawar sebenarnya tidak terlalu rumit, asalkan mengetahui cara-caranya. Hal yang dibutuhkan dalam menanam bunga mawar ialah perhatian serta tempat cerah dengan memiliki drainase yang baik. Lalu bagaimana cara menanam bunga mawar yang benar? Untuk mengetahuinya silahkan di simak pada pembahasannya di bawah ini!