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Waterfall in Bandung

As well as the many musicians and artists, Bandung is also famous for its natural attractions of interest. Such as craters, lakes, and other natural scenery. The most popular natural attractions are waterfalls, or in the language of Bandung called Curug. Here are the most beautiful waterfall in Bandung.

1. Curug malela. This waterfall is located in the village of Cicadas, sub cavity, West Bandung regency. This waterfall offers a beautiful view. Many consider this waterfall like Niagara Falls mini.

2. Curug Dago. It is a waterfall not far from downtown Bandung. Located at Jalan Ir. H Juanda or popularly called Dago street. Curug Dago has a beautiful community bagu terseniri Bandung.

3. Curug Maribaya. This waterfall is a favorite place for the people of Bandung. There is also a hot water bath which can spoil the visitor. Location This waterfall is located in Maribaya, Lembang.

4. Curug bride. Waterfall reaches a height of 50 meters and is located at 1050 meters above sea level ketingggina. What's interesting is the fall of water waterfall bride will look like crystals when exposed to sunlight. Waterfall named after the bride is said in early tempay never a bride and groom who bunurh themselves.

5. Curug Jompong. This waterfall is located on the road Balekasep, Soreang has a beautiful panorama and have the cool air.

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