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Top Culinary In Ambon

Every region in Indonesia has a typical food each. East to Indonesia itself, the staple food is different from other parts of Indonesia. East Indonesian people generally consume corn as staple maknan. However, although the staple food made from sago, there are some typical food from Ambon most popular.

1. Fish sauce yellow. This food is a typical dish in Maluku. But food is also available in Ambon and of adjacent areas. As with color, these meals are served with orange color comes from turmeric. Initially the fish is cooked using basil leaves cicampur with herbs and spices. Cooked fish is a fish species can also use a barracuda or freshwater fish.

2. Papeda. Culinary that one is very popular in Ambon / This is a kind of food made from sago porridge. If you pay a visit to Maluku then it is very easy to find these foods. Papeda have the white and sticky as well as glue. Usually Ambonese enjoy fish papeda with yellow spice because it has a strong seasoning.

3. bagea. Adaah bagea next meal. These foods tend to be round and hard. Begea also a typical tradisiona food Maluku. Many tourists who visited Ambon make cakes bagea as souvenirs. This cake is made from corn, canary seed and mixed spice powder such as cinnamon and cloves.

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