Senin, 12 Oktober 2015

Seeing Swimming Pool Terjorok in China

Currently swim is one option when the holiday period. With fun to swim in addition can also provide good benefits to health. Although it is swimming can give good impact to the health of body or mind. In contrast to the swimming pool in China following terjorok!

Here's Swimming Pool Terjorok in China

The number of Chinese people are very happy with the swim because in addition to fun also make the body become fit again. However, due to lack of pool facilities that exist in China a lot of them come to Dead Sea of China. Now the swimming pool which has an area of 30 thousand meters measure looks like a bowl of soup containing vegetables man.

In addition to China's Dead Sea that can accommodate hundreds of visitors in a day. Some pools exist in China has now become the target visitors. But with the situation as it was a beautiful swimming pool has now become a very squalid pools that exist in China. People who berkumpull in the pool is much terjangkin various diseases caused by bacteria from urine or urine, feces, sweat, and much more. Although the Chinese government to provide education on the matter, still Chinese people come to the swimming pool to satisfy their desire to swim.

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