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Most unique city and Strange World

Have you previously listened associated with the most unique and strangest city in the World. Cities in each country certainly has differences depending on demographic and economic conditions of the country. For more details you can perhatiakn review following the review of the most unique and strange city in the world. Here's the explanation!

Strangest and most unique city in the World

1. Cities with Population Lots
A city that has a lot of people this is the city of Tokyo in Japan. For the population of the capital city of the samurai reached lebi of 33 million inhabitants. This condition is really very terrible and very unique tentunmya. For the second rank is New York United States.

2. Widest City
The largest city located in the town of Mount Isa, in western lautAutralia. For a city widely Mount is nearly 41 thousand km2 to 189 km2 with all roads km. Therefore, in addition to the town is known as the largest city as well as a city which has the longest highway in the world.

3. The smallest town
After mebahas largest city, following lists different types smallest town located in the town Hum, Croatia with a population of just 23 people. So do not be surprised if the city Hum is known as the smallest town in the world.

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