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Most Popular Korean Food

In addition to cultural and K-pop, Korea also has a famous traditional foods to the world. This is evident from the many restaurants and cafes serving food from Korea. Are you a fan of Korea? For fans of Korea, the typical food of the country ginseng is highly preferred. There are some of the most popular Korean typical foods that you need to try.

1. Kimchi. It is obligatory for the people of the Korean food. Nowadays, kimchi is found in several countries in the world such as Indonesia. The food is made from fermented vegetables with seasoning preparations of Korea. Spices used are gochujang and chili powder. The side dish that has many nutrients such as vitamin B, oxygen, and antiokasidan

2. Bulgogi. One Korean cuisine yng match the tongue of Indonesia is Bulgogi. Food iniberbahan basic beef mixed with soy sauce, sugar, sesame seeds, and other materials. Bulgogi is perfect enjoyed with warm rice.

3. Bimbimbap. The main ingredient used to make bimbimbap is rice. To make the passage blended using vegetable, fish, dagung, eggs, and seaweed. You can pour the sauce gochujang when going to eat it.

4. pajeon. Pajeon almost similar to an omelet in Indonesia. The material is the same, saitu leek egg, and a little water. But in Korea sometimes prefer coupled with seafood. This is a popular snack in Korea.

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