Kamis, 15 Oktober 2015

How To Maintain Eye Health For Computer Users

Nowadays many people forget the time when people are already in front of the computer. But things are not dairy they realize when it is too long at the computer is not good for one's health condition. One is the health of the eye, how not? This is because the nerves of the eyes are forced to always work Tanoa break to look at the laptop continuously. That is why not a little more of them must have experienced pain in the eye. Well of course you do not aspires to the same fate as their right? Here we will present how to maintain eye health bag computer users. The explanation is as follows!

How To Maintain Eye Health For Computer Users

Regular breaks
If your work leads to always be in front of a computer, then you can olakukan to avoid interfering with the eyes is to do regular breaks. The way is to divert eyes from the computer screen gradually and regularly.

Keeping distance eye with computer
In order to maintain eye health is maintained although often in front of the laptop, the next step is to set the distance of the eyes with the computer

Doing Pelindumgan eyes of the protection of the intention is to eat lots of healthy food for the eyes. Such as food containing vitamin A for example almonds, salmon and carrot.

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